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Manufacturer of Custom Metal POP Displays and Kiosks

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We are the leading one stop shop for the design, manufacture, assembly, test, warehousing and delivery of retail custom metal displays, fixtures, digital signage and standard or custom kiosks.

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Fabcon Displays is a manufacturer of custom POP displays in metal. We are a division of Fabrication Concepts Corporation >>FABCON – www.Fabcon.com<<, a leading precision sheet metal fabricator in Southern California.  FABCON has been in the business of forming sheet metal into products typically used in variety of retail, commercial and industrial applications for more than 20 years.

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Since 1977, Fabcon has been fabricating & manufacturing innovative products for a wide variety of customers and markets. With distribution in over fifty countries, Fabcon is housed in a 120,000 square foot facility near California’s Orange County Airport in Santa Ana. Fabcon’s premises are located in a duty free trade, empowerment, and enterprise zones. This along with innovative people and production, allows Fabcon to be competitive in the worldwide marketplace.

Fabcon Displays was formed to leverage FABCON’s extensive experience and resources in manufacturing unique, Point of Purchase (POP), custom metal displays POP, fixtures, and custom kiosks for some to the top commercial brands in retail.

Why use Fabcon Displays for your next Custom Metal Displays POP Program?

Top brands seeking to uniquely identify their products and services through a retail POP fixture, POP display, or POP kiosk often choose to work with FabconDisplays.com because we only build CUSTOM METAL DISPLAYS for POP & KIOSKS products, UNIQUE to YOU.  You will never see another brand with a display or kiosk like yours.  This unique ability to satisfy the brand requirements of top product and service suppliers, mass merchandisers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) set us apart in a sea of homogeneity of displays.

We control every element of the Custom Metal Displays POP manufacturing process from initial custom metal design to final production and shipment.  Since we don’t need to outsource special processes like engineering, laser cutting, powdercoating, or a myriad of other process necessary to provide the product you demand, we build your custom POP displays and kiosks in metal faster and with higher quality – which equates to a better price!

Fabcon Creative 1800 E. St. Andrew Place, Santa Ana, California 92705 Tel.(714) 881-2000 Fax: (714) 881-2001
Kiosk Manufacturer Located in Orange County, California between Los Angeles and San Deigo CA

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Fabcon Creative-Kiosk Fabrication, Orange County CA