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Fabricating in Metal
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“The Fine Art of Sheet Metal Fabrication”

Fabcon Displays specializes in fabricating unique, custom metal Displays, Kiosks, POP fixtures.  We work in an endless variety of Aluminum Alloys and Steel types, but also provide all the finishing touches to make a wonderfully unique and high quality display to achieve the goals you want.

Custom POP display in glass and metal Custom POP display in glass and metal Custom POP display in glass and metal
Metal Displays & Custom Kiosks combinations of:
  1. Plexiglass
  2. Wire
  3. Lighting
  4. Powder coating
  5. Metal plating in a variety of colors
  6. Silkscreen and graphic overlays.

Custom POP Display & Kiosk-Our Capabilities

Fabcon Displays brings a unique blend of design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics capabilities to your display projects - all within our state of the art 200,00 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

Design for Custom Displays & Kiosks

Our creative team works with your marketing staff to conceptualize your vision for the each meta POPl display or kiosk.  The display design will be your unique, exclusive display that communicates your brand message.   Utilizing our 3-D computer modeling software, our team will bring your project to life so you may see it prior to commissioning a prototype.  Part of the design process is to “design for manufacturability” to provide a product that not only meets your vision, but can be manufactured without breaking the bank!

Engineering of POP Custom Displays & Kiosks

Once our design team has modeled the display, our engineers go to work engineering it for quality and durability, developing detailed drawings packages, utilizing our CAD/CAM software to program our CNC fabrication machines, designing packaging and constructing a prototype.  All prototypes are fabricated on the same machines we will use for production – so you can be assured the production units will be exactly the same as the prototype.

Production of Custom POP Displays & Kiosks

Our ISO 90001-2000 organization is focused on building a quality product, delivered on time – every time.  Our production group works in a variety of sheet metal media, as well as augmenting your displays with wire, plexiglass, powder coating and graphic overlays.  Our 20,000 square foot finishing facility can uniquely finish your product a limitless variety of powder coating, polishes, and colored metal finishes.
Once completed, all units are packaged and shipped though our logistics organization.  We are fully capable of shipping anywhere in the world.

Customer Service

Our reputation for excellence in custom displays and kiosks only surpassed in one area – our excellence in customer service.  We utilize state-of-the-art customer relationship and manufacturing management systems to track each POP display or kiosk project through our company from order, to final delivery.  If ever there are any problems with the product we build for you, our customer service team will be there to solve the problem.

Fabcon Creative 1800 E. St. Andrew Place, Santa Ana, California 92705 Tel.(714) 881-2000 Fax: (714) 881-2001
Kiosk Manufacturer Located in Orange County, California between Los Angeles and San Deigo CA

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Fabcon Creative-Kiosk Fabrication, Orange County CA