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Hurricane – This classic kiosk shape is time tested and remains one of our clients’ favorites. The full body graphic panel easily conveys your message. The Hurricane can accommodate overhead digital signage for added presence & branding. It’s stout design will stand the test of time. 26″w x 58″h x 26″d
Vault - The elegant, curved surfaces of the Vault are what makes it so popular. Full length body graphics are easily replaceable and don’t forget the optional, overhead branding plate. The rear stabilizer tubing is hinged on the bottom allowing easy access to the optional printer enclosure. With that said, pick additional components and this kiosk is ready to go. 29″w x 55″h x 23″d
Chameleon - Appropriately named the “chameleon”, this kiosk will do whatever is needed. The slotted tubing frame allows for easy installation of various components, hardware or screens. Easy “drop in” graphics provide the perfect backdrop for your hardware. The Chameleon can also use a number of different base shapes. 24″w x 59″h x 21″d
Predator - The rigid frame structure of the Predator can handle any task while the floating monitor/all-in-one is sure to get noticed. To further the unique design aesthetic, the Predator utilizes a perforated backing panel. The optional keyboard tray is incorporated into the external frame, providing added strength. And don’t forget about the wide selection of components that can be added to this kiosk. 25″w x 56″h x 24″d

Maple Leaf - Sleek. Contemporary. Clean. These words describe the Maple Leaf kiosk. With a slight angle to the body, the optional full-length graphic can really draw a crowd. The Maple Leaf can hold a variety of screen sizes and with screen mounted, add-on hardware it ensures that the large graphic remains uncluttered, giving your brand some undivided attention.

29″w x 59″h x 24″d
Splice – The Splice kiosk employs gently tapered surfaces. This contemporary design works with a variety of components and hardware. Choose from a selection of material colors to fit your brand. The durability of this kiosk is sure to withstand the rigors of daily use. 24″w x 59″h x 21″d
Blackhawk – This is the kind of kiosk you have dreams about. Part military assault vehicle, part fighter jet. This kiosk is designed to get noticed. It’s aggressive leg stance and sweeping posture are unique. Body graphics slide in from the top and are replaceable as is the overhead signage. It hosts a wide variety of components to fit your particular needs. 17”w x 54”h x 20″d

- The Raptor is a compact, table-top kiosk with the features of a full sized kiosk.
18″w x 16″h x 12”d


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